Countertop Types


Laminate countertops are a versatile and affordable option. It is also a material that comes in the largest variety of colors and patterns, and is very easy to clean.


Solid Surface

The popularity of solid surface countertops has greatly increased over the years. They provide the expensive look of granite, but at a lesser price point. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a fit for nearly any style kitchen or bathroom.



Wood countertops complement a variety of different styles, depending on the grain, color and stain selected. They are a traditional choice that is warmer to the touch than quartz or granite, and can be made to match kitchen cabinets.


Quartz countertops offer a natural look akin to quartz, but are synthetically created rather than cut from solid stone. Some of advantages of choosing quartz include ease of maintenance, variety of color, and long-lasting durability.



If you’re looking for countertops that are visually stunning and extremely durable, granite is a perfect choice. While rich and elegant, they are highly scratch and heat resistant. Each piece offers unique shades and hues for added individuality.